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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
To me it would go IM>BB>TDK. Yes, I like BB more over-all than TDK. But I have a soft spot for origin stories. I've found that they usually end up being the best, well-rounded stories. The only sequel that I think is superior to the origin film is Spider-Man 2(but that's more because they really screwed up the villain in the 1st one).
I thought the villain was great in SM1. The Power Ranger suit was distracting, but Willem Dafoe did a really good job. I'm probably one of the few that feels SM1 is better than SM2. Peter's whinyness in SM2 is too much for me. That scene with him having a vision/conversation with Uncle Ben. Ugh, one of the worst scenes in the franchise. There's too much whining from him in SM2/SM3 and not enough of the smartass from the comics or Animated Series. SM1 captured this aspect of the character better than its sequels.

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