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Default Re: The History of Transforming Robots! (abridged)

Originally Posted by The Lizard View Post
If those were actual Takara designs, they could possibly have been intended for distribution outside of Japan, since in 1985 most Americans wouldn't have known any better. Of course, anyone can have a stamp made up too, so who knows?

But I'm also suspicious of the fact that some of the alt modes don't look like they actually work with the robot modes.

For example:

The alt mode on this one is obviously taken from the classic Raideen Godbird mode:

But the body design sort of looks like a cross between something from Gundam and something from Orguss, but I'll have to look a bit further. The remaining two are tricky.
It could be that none of those were ment to be "Transforming" robots.

It could be that the ships are either "armor" for the robots or vehicles for them to ride or use.

Either way I was hopeing I could finally find some concrete answers.

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