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Default Re: Does anyone else want a new X-men video game

I absolutely adore X-Men Legends and UA.

I'd like them to continue with that Action RPG style but definitely up the visuals, create a more expansive/immersive story, and make the fighting more in-depth. Despite the combos and all the mutant powers the game could be played just as effectively by button mashing, if you will. I'd also make choice of team far more important, It's kind of a bad thing and good thing at the same time that you could choose the same four characters in both games and own all that cross your path with them. The good part is you can pick your favorites and who works best for you, but the bad part is the same thing, you don't have to fully utilize a variety of characters.

Throughout all of XML2, I tried a couple different combos on replays, but the first time and most of my replays I went with Wolverine, Cyclops, Colossus, and Nightcrawler. Unstoppable.

So far this quest is a breeze. I've already killed a dead monster, what's next? We're going to open an unlocked door? Rescue a princess from herself?
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