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Default Optimus Prime : Legendary Autobot Leader [vol.2]

This thread is a continuation of my original thread I had started in "Transformers" movie forum OPTIMUS PRIME : Appreciation Thread . So let pick up where we left off, shall we .

To begin I'll post all the info and pics of related to the new reformatted OPTIMUS PRIME for this Summer's upcoming highly anticipated movie sequel. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

Official Promo photo from ROTF

Bio from Transformers Revenge of The Fallen Voyager Optimus Prime toy

"From the moment Optimus Prime took earth as a new home for him and his people, he was rededicated to it's protection. Since that day he has dedicated all of his considerable will and power on rooting out the last few remaining Decepticons and destroying them. To that end, he has upgraded and refined his sensor suite, and trained with Ironhide in tracking the evil robots."

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