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Default Re: The History of Transforming Robots! (abridged)

Originally Posted by The Lizard View Post
I knew there was something I liked about you.
Why thank you.

Originally Posted by The Lizard View Post
Well, remember that Bandai aggressively scooped up the toy rights to various anime robot designs from companies that went under in the early '80s like Takatoku and Clover. Also taking into account the fact that Bandai's chogokin series was still competing directly with Takara on several fronts (including the US), in 1985, I can't see them collaborating with Takara to give up a piece of the giant robot pie.
This is true....but it didnt stop some of those toy companies [that went under] from trying to sell its product to Takara and Hasbro.

Look at Jetfire.First owned by a company that went under and bought up by Bandi.

But before Bandi picked them up Hasbro bought the rights to produce and market its likeness in the U.S. and some markets abroad.

Now some of the "Jetfires" released by Hasbro were re-paints/repacks of existing back stock bought from Takatoku but many were newly produced figures made useing the mold.

Do you know who produced those figures for Hasbro?????

Takara did.

Not only that but Hasbro had Takara partisipate in the redesining of "Skyfire".

So it wouldnt shock me if one of those companies [who may have still owned some of the rights] tried to sell its product to Hasbro and Hasbro had Takara designers make those painting as a selling tool.

Originally Posted by The Lizard View Post
The guy who has that artwork should contact Takara/Tomy, show them the artwork and ask them directly. That's probably the only way we can find out for sure.
I think I suggested that once.

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