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Default Re: Lady Sif Casting Thread

Originally Posted by zeptron View Post
25 year old Thor?

Where in the hell are they going to find a 20 something year old who has the presence of THE MIGHTY THOR !! Sorry. But I mean that is unrealistic even some of the sites like IGN said that, well they called it kiddy Thor casting or something like that.

That's not how I envision Thor. I imagine him as a guy in his early to mid 30s.. Doesn't seem like a 20 something will fit in with Edward Norton and Robert Downey Jr.
Actually, an millennia-old god looking younger than the human members of the Avengers sort of fits. I'm sure there are actors in their mid 20s who have the kind of presence to pull Thor off. The problem is that they need the stage presence, the height, the build, and the voice all in one dude. That's gotta be pretty tough to find.

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