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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

I've fallen out of being a fan of TDK for a few reasons.

1) People like this:

Originally Posted by blightsbiohazar View Post
Most of the criticism comes from people whose lives amount to nothing who are miserable failures who want to diss something that is very successful to feel better about themselves.
Honestly, the success of the film doesn't matter to me. Sure, I have my doubts considering the reasons for such, but in the end it doesn't matter, as being successful doesn't change the movie itself.

2) It lacks the same feeling upon watching it again. The suspense doesn't stay with each viewing, and you miss the feeling you should have. It's like watching Psycho knowing what the deal is with Norman Bates, it's not as good as it would be if you hadn't seen it already.

3) It takes itself way too seriously, ironic for a film showcasing the Joker.

4) The look of Ledger's Joker bothers me. This is a VERY recent thing (stemming from the last time I watched it), and I'm almost ashamed to admit it, as I'm usually not the comic purist type. It's not a major reason, or one that I'll defend, but it does bother me.

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