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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

It got too trendy too quick. This thread is an example of that. It got an extreme amount of hype, and it lived up to it for the most part. Ledger's death added A LOT to the film's popularity and people's view of the Joker character. Everybody loved this film July 18th, but now everyone's going against it for, I don't know, to be unique and cool I guess.

Apparently Nolan's a "sloppy" director and made bad editing choices all of a sudden. I think TDK is a Batman fan's wet dream. I think it's a great film for a non-batfan. I think it's a great movie on it's own.

Soon "hating" TDK will get old and in a year or 2 from now it'll be "cool" again. I think Nolan was ****ed no matter what he did. Whether he made a terrible film or an amazing film he's ****ed. Just like Snyder and Watchmen.

TDK proves you can't please the fans. Ever. With anything. The fans are like preteen girls constantly menstruating. One day they'll like it and *Boom* the next week they don't. **** you guys. I love it.

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