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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

I voted #10 in the poll. I read that criticism from liberals on a couple of political message boards I frequent. The controversy is what got me interested to see the film in the first place. I remember hearing about how Glenn Beck raved about the film and how it's ethics and morals were borrowed straight from conservative ideology and the Bush administration. The ending especially got up some dander. It seemed Orwellian in that it's conclusion was all about believing myths because sometimes lies are better for society as a whole and that our own "truth" can be found in lies.

And that is my main criticism of the film. I think George W. Bush changed this country forever. We can't go back to the way things were exactly and that's what The Joker told Batman about his presence in Gotham.

As for the Joker and his make-up, I though it was brilliant because it's hard to see a psycho like him going to the beauty salon every day and getting a perfect clown face put on like Jack Nicholson or even Ceaser Romero. Ledger wanted the look to be something the Joker would put on himself. And it's scary as ****!

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