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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

Originally Posted by Daredevil_2003 View Post
They let a great movie fall out of their favor because some fans are over-zealous in their love for it? That sounds pretty stupid, to me. More like the against the grain types I mentioned before. Nobody can really offer substantial points against the film. It's all a bunch of ******** like that. The movie was fantastic. People just feel the need to nitpick and/or shun it because they have such a disdain for hype. The negativity has jumped ten-fold as the movie has become more and more successful and praised. This just furthers my point. It's grasping at straws to buck a trend. Get over it. The film earned it's praise and accolades. If critics and fans were looking to give handouts your beloved Watchmen would be getting raves across the board, as well, instead of the polarized reception it has received.
I've been a DIEHARD Bat-fan for over 23+ years, my favorite movie adaptation is Begins. I followed the hype, and I was here with all of you, in ALL of the other forums(although, my tag has changed here and everywhere else). I wanted this to be the best Bat-flick to be created. I liked most of the actors(Heath was amazing), and I was happy with everything we saw that was leading up to opening night. As far as Batman movies go, I'm not really a fan of TDK. The movie doesn't even feel like a Batman movie to me, but I do find it to be a enjoyable film. I find MANY things wrong with it, and I don't include it in my top 3 favorite Bat-flicks.

Bottom line: Opinions are opinions. It doesn't bother me that you are in love with it. In fact, if you're a fan of ANY bat-flick, you're a friend of mine. But, don't go around categorizing people who didn't enjoy it as much as you, and put them in one big whole. I feel my points are valid, even if they go against yours. I see many flaws/problems with Begins, but again, its my favorite Batman movie. A movie doesn't have to be perfect in order to like it. So I don't want to hear that I'm "going against the grain" just to be a little "punk rock". I didn't enjoy it, cause I just didn't like it that much.

You remind me of hardcore Christians who get upset that I don't conform to their exact religion, and tell me I'm going to Hell cause I'm Catholic. Just let me find God in my own way, and back off and let me be happy about it. If you want to debate on it, then by all means, but don't tell me I'm going to Hell and thats final!

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