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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

Originally Posted by Daredevil_2003 View Post
What are you valid points, though? It doesn't feel like the Batman you prefer. Ok, that's valid in the sense that it's not your personal taste. There's nothing wrong with that. But that's the only thing I've seen. It doesn't really have any bearing on the overall quality of the piece on it's own when you remove your bias to whatever take of the character you think it should be. From what I gather, it just doesn't fit 'your' Batman (we all have our own idea, and that's fine, whatever.)
For the most part, it is a bias. Or, I should say, I big slap in the face, and huge departure that was established in Begins.

Let me just get this out of the way: I'm in no way trying to pick a fight with you, and my "mad smiley" had nothing to do with this discussion, but just an analogy that kind of gets me. It doesn't represent you totally, but I do apologize if it came off that way....

But, the people stomping around saying it's a bad or only decent or above average at best film in regards to scripting, direction, acting, editing, score etc...those are the folks I'm mainly referring to. They're full of it. Most of the whiners didn't even pop up till a good while after the film's release. Further fueling my point that the majority are doing it just because they can. When people start nitpicking and pulling things out of their rear just so they can be the voice of dissent is where I draw the line on 'to each his own.'
I'm not trying to deny my nitpicking with it, because I have nitpicked this movie, although, I have nitpicked a lot of other movies I love, cause its just fun to do. But, in regards to peoples complaints "well after" the movie, shouldn't have any bearing on your "hatred" towards people who didn't like it. I know I waited MONTHS before I actually gave an honest opinion on the movie, and I did so cause I was afraid of the fanboys who were still in "TDK-honeymoon" period.

Now let me say, I do have some problems with the movie, regardless of what critics say. Some of them have to do with production, some with my bias, and some with other things. I'll let you read this if you want, but be warned that I was drunk, and kind of ranting, so it can be hard to read, hehe.

Take the fans out of the equation, this is still the most highly, or at least the most widely, praised film of last year. Critics (usually) aren't fanboys or even fans. It's like I said last post, they're not giving handouts. The movie was a god damned good one and deserves every bit of praise and every award it's received.
I know I've said this sooo many times, but it just doesn't feel like a Batman movie to me.

Good movie? Yes!

Good Bat-flick? Maybe(opinion).....

You cannot deny there is a very large portion of 'haters' that seem to be doing it simply for the very reasons I mentioned previously. They want to shun the new big thing. The purists/differing takes people I can at least deal with. But not the former.
To tell you the truth, I side with myself. I don't take extreme haters into account, and I like to come to my own conclusion. Which is why I'm confused why some of you praise critics, but damn "haters"?

TDK is not exactly how I would like things, either. I've said that numerous times so it's not like a miracle happened and I'm on the exact same wavelength as Nolan and company. But they got more than enough 'right' to please me as a fan. I was very pleased in that regard. As a movie judged on it's own merits it's far better than that, even. TDK is an extremely compelling narrative that's almost flawlessly executed (again, I'm talking about the artistry involved, not faithfulness or adherence to my own personal tastes of Batman).
Yeah, like I said, its not a bad movie, but as far as Batman movies go....I dunno?

If you honestly believe this film is seriously flawed in that respect, I disagree completely but I can accept that. But undermining it for petty reasons or because it's not how you would have done it is silly and, in the latter's case, showing an inability to appreciate differing views on the subject to a point where it ruins the piece for you rather than any wrongdoing on the filmmaker's behalf. I'm sorry if that ruffles your feathers but it's the truth. If you can't get into it because your hung up on something relatively superficial, that's not the crew's fault.
hehe, I can almost guarantee you that I've seen the movie more then you have, and I will continue to watch it throughout the years. The movie took me for surprise in a totally bad way, and one that I felt was a sick joke. All the virals, promos, trailers, led me to believe the movie would be much different then what it was. And at the end of the day, it doesn't even feel like a real Batman movie. Sure, they got some things right, but the "feel" is totally and utterly WRONG. And this is coming from someone who thinks Begins is the best Bat-adaptation.

I do like this debate, and if it continues like this(civil), then I'll love to continue. I would just like to say thanks for not getting out of hand with my last comment.

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