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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
For the most part, it is a bias. Or, I should say, I big slap in the face, and huge departure that was established in Begins.

Let me just get this out of the way: I'm in no way trying to pick a fight with you, and my "mad smiley" had nothing to do with this discussion, but just an analogy that kind of gets me. It doesn't represent you totally, but I do apologize if it came off that way....
I dont think it was that huge of a departure. The color tone and Gotham being more Chicago than Gotham, the latter of which 'm not a huge fan of, are the biggest departures, IMO.

And no offense taken. Like I said, I wasn't specifically referring to you in my original posts, so whether you took it the wrong way or whatever I saw no reason at all to be hostile.

I'm not trying to deny my nitpicking with it, because I have nitpicked this movie, although, I have nitpicked a lot of other movies I love, cause its just fun to do. But, in regards to peoples complaints "well after" the movie, shouldn't have any bearing on your "hatred" towards people who didn't like it. I know I waited MONTHS before I actually gave an honest opinion on the movie, and I did so cause I was afraid of the fanboys who were still in "TDK-honeymoon" period.
Well, that might be you, but I've seen far too many examples of people suddenly becoming detractors after something becomes enormously popular just because. So it does have a bearing on my irritation with those people. The same kind that think a band is awesome one minute and then accuse them of selling out as soon as they hit it big, ya know?

Now let me say, I do have some problems with the movie, regardless of what critics say. Some of them have to do with production, some with my bias, and some with other things. I'll let you read this if you want, but be warned that I was drunk, and kind of ranting, so it can be hard to read, hehe.
With that review, I can only really agree with the Gotham City part. Everything else you mentioned I thought was done spectacularly. I mean, no cave? Of course there's no cave the manor was destroyed. So not only was it a organic step for the narrative but him living in a penthouse and using a man-made 'cave' was a nice nod to the comics of the 70's where he did the exact same thing just to be closer to the heart of the city or something like that.

But yeah, it's mainly the bias.

To tell you the truth, I side with myself. I don't take extreme haters into account, and I like to come to my own conclusion. Which is why I'm confused why some of you praise critics, but damn "haters"?
I damn 'haters' because that term is for someone who's just hatin'. No real reason. They're just knocking it for superficial reasons or for the sake of knocking it. Whereas the critics have been more objective with both their praise and complaints (although there haven't been many of the latter).

hehe, I can almost guarantee you that I've seen the movie more then you have, and I will continue to watch it throughout the years.
o rly? If you've seen it more than I have there's no way you could be as dissapointed with it as you are. I've seen it over 2 dozen times!

The movie took me for surprise in a totally bad way, and one that I felt was a sick joke. All the virals, promos, trailers, led me to believe the movie would be much different then what it was. And at the end of the day, it doesn't even feel like a real Batman movie. Sure, they got some things right, but the "feel" is totally and utterly WRONG. And this is coming from someone who thinks Begins is the best Bat-adaptation.
I still maintain it very much feels like Batman, but I can definitely understand why you'd be dissapointed if your expectations really were that different. I expected a lot of the things you were thrown off by, but I was surprised in a very good way as I was expecting basically a film the quality of Begins with some added oomph from The Joker. This isn't saying Begins was subpar, but it was a little flat at times, especially on repeat views. Up until TDK 'Mask of The Phantasm' was still the best Batman movie, IMO. But anyway, I went in expecting a movie a little better than Begins and got completely blown away.

I do like this debate, and if it continues like this(civil), then I'll love to continue. I would just like to say thanks for not getting out of hand with my last comment.
No problem, it has been interesting.

So far this quest is a breeze. I've already killed a dead monster, what's next? We're going to open an unlocked door? Rescue a princess from herself?

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