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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

Originally Posted by Daredevil_2003 View Post
Well, that might be you, but I've seen far too many examples of people suddenly becoming detractors after something becomes enormously popular just because. So it does have a bearing on my irritation with those people. The same kind that think a band is awesome one minute and then accuse them of selling out as soon as they hit it big, ya know?
I know exactly what you're saying. I've been on both sides of story, so it can be a sticky subject(much like this). Thats why I like people to speak up, and have a full explanation why, because some could be bull*****, while others could be exactly what you're saying.

With that review, I can only really agree with the Gotham City part. Everything else you mentioned I thought was done spectacularly. I mean, no cave? Of course there's no cave the manor was destroyed. So not only was it a organic step for the narrative but him living in a penthouse and using a man-made 'cave' was a nice nod to the comics of the 70's where he did the exact same thing just to be closer to the heart of the city or something like that.

But yeah, it's mainly the bias.
Hehe. I knew he would be in the penthouse, but I didn't know it would be shot the way it was. Bias? TOTALLY! But it does kind of expand on why this doesn't feel like a "true" Batman movie, regardless if it happened in 1-2 comics in the 70s.

With this kind of thinking, B&R is totally justified, cause all of that stupid crap that has happend once or twice in the old 50s-60s comics.

I damn 'haters' because that term is for someone who's just hatin'. No real reason. They're just knocking it for superficial reasons or for the sake of knocking it. Whereas the critics have been more objective with both their praise and complaints (although there haven't been many of the latter).
I understand what you're saying, but just be careful with how you word things, cause it can come off extremelly hateful in itself.

o rly? If you've seen it more than I have there's no way you could be as dissapointed with it as you are. I've seen it over 2 dozen times!
I saw the movie about 14 times in the theater, I have it on my iPhone, and have watched it when I'm out and about, or at the gym on the treadmill. I have it on my laptop, and watch it when I'm out of town on business, and I also bought a Blu-Ray player, and a copy just to watch it.....Also, I bought it on standard DVD, just encase

Am I a hypocrite? Maybe from some point of views, but I do like the movie.

I still maintain it very much feels like Batman, but I can definitely understand why you'd be dissapointed if your expectations really were that different. I expected a lot of the things you were thrown off by, but I was surprised in a very good way as I was expecting basically a film the quality of Begins with some added oomph from The Joker. This isn't saying Begins was subpar, but it was a little flat at times, especially on repeat views. Up until TDK 'Mask of The Phantasm' was still the best Batman movie, IMO. But anyway, I went in expecting a movie a little better than Begins and got completely blown away.

No problem, it has been interesting.
If there was a "handshake" smiley, I would give you one. Nice talking to you, sir.

I'll just say what I said in another thread about the same issue: I think people get distracted by The Joker (rightly so due to the marketing and his captivating performance) and the events transpiring. But when you sit back and think about it, they called it The Dark Knight for a reason, it is wholly about Batman. Everything that happens with all the personalities involved are there to further his journey and evolution. The Dark Knight is very much about Batman. Unlike the previous series where Batman was literally a supporting character more often than not.
Let me just chime in on this really quick. B89 was all about Batman, but turned out to be more focused on Joker. I think thats what he was talking about. Yes, the overall theme, much like B89 was all about Batman, but to much distraction was taken place, to the point to where peoples lasting impression isn't on the main protagonist.

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