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Default Re: The Official Mike Dougherty & Dan Harris Thread

Universal Taps Dan Harris for Dante's Inferno
It was late last year when we first learned that Universal had nabbed the rights to the upcoming Electronics Arts video game version of Dante's Inferno. And now word has come down via Variety that the person who will be writing the live-action film is Dan Harris (X2, Superman Returns).
According to the trade, Strike Entertainment's Mark Abraham and Eric Newman are producing in conjunction with EA Entertainment. EA veep Patrick O'Brien and game creator Jonathan Knight are also involved in the development of the film.
Harris is no stranger to the depths of hell he'll be visiting in the course of adapting Dante's Inferno. He's currently involved with a project called I, Lucifer as both director and co-writer, in which the devil gets one last chance at redemption in the body of a suicidal writer.

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