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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

Originally Posted by Crook View Post
1) Keaton damn near started the whole bat-voice schtick. I hate how so many people don't respect that. Let's just remember Bale's voice is the most critiqued and poked fun at, than ANY of the previous actors.

2) Regarding BTAS, do you find the interpretation of Bruce only being "himself" when under the suit, a silly concept? If the act of disguising his voice is reversed (for Bruce, instead of Bats), and his natural voice is already deep and monotone, I do not see the problem.
I loved the Keaton voice but when Kilmer did it, I hated it. You're right about him not getting enough credit for it.

As far as the animated series, I think the voice is fine but what I was trying to say is that in a live action movie it would be silly. Like if Bruce said to Rachel in the BB "Falcone sent them to kill you" using his Bruce Wayne voice it would've been like ummm yeah, how is she not supposed to know that's Bruce.

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