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Default Re: Official Transformers ROTF merchandise thread.

I was eagerly anticipating the release of the Transformers Robot Replicas from the last Transformers movie.

I thought (think) the robot versions and designs of the characters are simply ****ing gorgeous...I figured the Robot Replicas would help me get my 'cool robot versions' fix.....ehhhh not so much.

They are about the size of like a regular 5-inch action figure unfortunately

My question is I wonder if that amazing toy company HOT TOYS shall make actual ROBOT versions (non transformable) of the characters?

Can someone please help with this? How would one find out?

I do know that the upcoming version of the Leader Class Optimus Prime does infact look leaps and bounds better than the '07 movie version when he is in his robot form...but I want all the characters to be of this quality or better when no in vehicle mode.

Granted there has to be props given to the guys/gals who make the figures I'm sure its not easy to have both versions be aestheticallly pleasing but both be functional....but come on it's almost 2010..if we can almost have flying cars we can have awesome versions of Transformer movie toys that can transform and look cool both in vehicle and robot mode...or if not just have great robot mode looking figures.

Anyone else with me?

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