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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
This was also my biggest complaint about the movie. And you describing it like a "marathon" is a good way of putting it. It was just next scene, next scene, next scene, next scene, etc up until the movie ended. There was no time for any emotions to sink in, or for you to take in the atmosphere of the background. I didn't feel attached to Gotham at all, not because of how "realistic" it was, but by how little emotion was put on the table. And the little emotion that was there, was just washed away by how fast the scenes went by, or how many other plots were going on in the movie. And this also contributes to why I didn't really enjoy The Joker, as it never gave us any time to actually feel anything for him, again, attributes from to many things going on in this movie to be distracted by. The story had WAYYY to much going on for what time they were given for this movie.

I would have liked it if they split this movie up into 2 separate films, and made it into the trilogy. In the second, focus more on The Joker and Batman, while introducing Dent. Have Rachel die at the end of the movie, along with Dents transformation into Two-Face. Then, the third movie would be all about Two-Face, and the capture/demise of him.
The movie was about Harvey Dent. That was the backbone of the film. His decent into darkness. The movie took it's time with that. It was that character that we needed to invest in and I felt very invested in that character. The build up was fantastic. Batman did not need a whole lot more build up and the Joker was meant to be mysterious and come out of no-where. The fact that he rips through every scene that he is in is what makes the performance so ferocious.

I would not have liked more Joker in the movie. I think he was in the perfect amount of time as was Batman. Two-face was haunting and memorable and brought the film full circle to Harveys demise.

People say it's too long.....not long enough. I feel as if no part of that movie could have been taken out and anything more added would have made it overstuffed. Just my opinion of course. It's not perfect but amazingly well constructed. I loved the pace personally. It's like hipnotic in it's tempo like a symphony.

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