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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread

[quote=Mistah K88;16437514]Beyond out the "worst" design change was on The Joker. He didn't even resemble a human being anymore. I own a few animation cels of The Joker. One's from "Joker's Favor". Another from "Almost Got Him". A seller once offered me a cel of the newly designed Joker above from "Joker's Millions". I told him to keep it. This " was not" The Joker anymore, in my oppinion.
"Original Catwoman was purr-fect. New deign? "UGH, OUCH, and "UGH" AGAIN..
This was alright. I can understand it. However, never the biggest Scarecrow fan, either way.
I was never the biggest Penguin fan. That is, until TAS. The original design, although based upon Batman Returns, was awsome! It gave me all new respect and interest concerning this Batman villian. On the newer design? I know it pays tribute to Dick Sprang, but just didn't work for this show. Hated it almost as The Joker design. "Almost".

First Ivy, much better!
Yet another blunder in design change. Oh well..

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
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