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They all have different merrits. Each movie having its own score made it difficult for the trilogy to form its own collective identity, but distinguishes every movie as its own completely different experience.

Kamen's X-Men score is a little bit bland to me, and didn't really distinguish the X-Men as their own group, nor did he enhance much for me. I loved his scores for Magneto and the Logan-Rogue theme. But his music certainly fit the first movie.

X2 was a bigger and more exciting movie. Brian Singer's superhero movies tend to pick up like the star trek/star wars movies, of which he is so clearly a big fan. The first one is more down to earth, contemplative, has trouble finding its feet, and almost boring (well, definitely boring in the case of star trek 1). The second one (which we wont see with superman, apparently) is bigger, more sweeping, more fun, and better in almost every way. Ottman's score reflects that. His score for each character fits very well, his theme for the X-men as a whole, if underwhelming, clicks together the entire universe. My favorite part was certainly his Jean-Logan theme.

Then came X-Men: The Last Stand. This is a movie that I hate. It isn't just that it was a weak adaptation. The film was slapped together very quickly, with terrible decisions made without much thought of how it would affect the characters' legacies, the audience, or even the movie itself. But one aspect does a fantastic job of making the movie feel like an "X-Men" story, and one with well-done action sequences and emotional impacts for that matter, is Powell's score. Sometimes it feels kinda bloated and over done, because, as it has been said, he plays the hell out of the main X-Men theme. But his score is a fantastic listen, and enhances an otherwise hard-to-watch movie, creating something out of nothing.

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