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Default Re: The History of Transforming Robots! (abridged)

Originally Posted by gkokujin View Post
Hey Lizard,

can you give any backstory as to how Robotech characters got licensed to be sold as GoBots?

I remember building Cy-kill from a model of Lancer.
I'm sorry - I just saw this post today -- i wasn't ignoring you.

The few GoBots model kits released by Monogram in 1985 were mostly kit versions of a few of Bandai's existing Machine Robo robots. These were smaller-sized model kits of GoBots such as "Spay-C".

However, Monogram wanted to release some larger-sized models as part of their GoBots series as well, presumably to present something similar to the "Super GoBots" toys. However, there were no large-size Machine Robo models available, so Monogram bought the rights to a couple of transforming model kits made in Japan by Imai and based on the mecha from the anime series Mospeada (later known as 3rd generation Robotech in the US). Since these kits transformed into a jet and a motorcycle, it must have seemed an easy idea to claim them as the GoBots "Leader 1" and "Cy-Kill".

Of course, these models looked nothing like the actual GoBots characters, and they were MUCH more complicated to build than the other simplistic GoBots kits. Finding these kits was a treat for Robotech fans however, as there were no other model kits from Mospeada licensed to sell in the US at that time.

Monogram "Leader-1" GoBots model
Originally the Mospeada Legioss AFC-01I variable fighter
Robotech name: Rook Bartley's Alpha Veritech (red)

Monogram "Cy-Kill" GoBots model
Originally the Mospeada VR41H Ride Armor Blowsuperior (Yellow Belmont type)
Robotech name: Veritech Cyclone VR41H (Lancer, AKA: Yellow Dancer)

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