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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Mutant Name:

Real Name:
Doriand Harke


Blood Red


160 lbs

He has a slim body, he likes to run for excersice. He has broad shoulders and legs going accord to his body.

He is able to manipulate darkness and shadows, he can paralyze people just by standing on their shadows or make them hurt themselves the same way. He can hide inside the shadows. The only flaw he has is that when he is knocked out he goes into a blank state where he starts to attack not caring who is in his way. (In his blank state he is uncounscious.

Physical Abnormalities:
His left hand has weird symbols and looks as if it where shrouded in shadows creating a clawlike look. His powers will activate automaticaly when someone attacks him, its imposible to sneak up on him.

He wears a long black robe, some long black boots and black pants. On his left hand he uses a glove covering its abnormalities.

Doriand Harke is part of a wealthy family, his father and mother never paid attention to him and he grew up alone, defending himself. At age 14, when he was walking in his masion's backyard he was attacked by a feroucious dog, that was the trigger to activatin his abilities, when the dog threw himself on him, Doriand screamed and then all he knew was that the dog was blasted 10 feet away from him, and that what looked like shadows enveloped him like tentacles striking everywhere. At age 18 he decided to go to Charles Xavier's school for the gifted, and there he learned to control his powers, but avoids people, spending most of his times alone. He is a valuable part of the X-Men team, he is mostly used for stealth missions.

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