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Default Re: An idea of what next Superman film needs

Like most of you, I have waited close to 20 years for WB to get off their cans and resurrect a well know icon in Superman. He has world wide recognition & can be a cash cow for them if treated right. So, when it was announced he was coming back, I was excited. But after I sat thru a highly anticipated film, I left the theater feeling so empty. I have so many problems with this film but I'll only list 3 major ones for me.

1. In the original Superman (1978) Lex Luthor was planning to sink the west coast and sell off real estate he bought to sell and become a billionaire. In this version he wanted to use part of Superman's past to level a different coast for real estate. in over 20 years, this is the best you can come up with?

2. Superman simply 'returns' after being missing for quite awhile only to discover he has a son from Lois. The most responsible man in the world.........deadbeat dad? Of all the incredibly entertaining ideas you can come up with to make this re-launch fresh........that's it?

3. And the guts of the story was very bland. I had no 'feeling' I was even watching a Superman movie, its almost like they killed a part of me that was rooting for him to save the day. Yes, I know he did that in the airplane scene, but he also DID that in the original Superman & a helicopter scene too. See what I'm getting at? There was nothing NEW ala Batman Begins to it. We saw this 30 years ago!

The best thing to do is totally re-launch the character, but since the movie isn't old at all, its not going to happen. Singer really had no imagination or at least the writers didn't. Superman Returns got up at the plate, took a swing......but struck out.

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