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Default Re: Official NEW MUTANTS Discussion Thread

And speaking of the new series, Andre4000 had a couple of questions.

Can you tell us anything about the “New Mutants” book? Did you coordinate with writer Zeb Wells in the conclusion of your story?

I can't give you too much on that front without spoiling a lot of what Zeb has planned for the upcoming ongoing, but yes, he and I did speak, so he knew what I was planning from the start and we were able to coordinate things a bit as you'll see in a few months.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Pixie got one of the bloodstones containing a piece of her soul embedded in her soul dagger/sword. Why was she so freaked out about this? Isn’t there some way to put that piece back where it belongs?

That's why she freaked, she wanted that missing piece of her soul back in her body, but now it's in her dagger where she can feel an attachment to it, but do nothing about it. So close but yet so far, as they say...

Caleb Warren had some behind-the-scenes queries. Can you pull back the curtain?

How far did the finished product we've been reading differ from your original pitch to Marvel?

It was pretty close, to be honest. Nick Lowe and I really fleshed out the original pitch and got it to a place where we were both happy with it before I started writing the actual issues. A few things changed, like the Elder Gods actually appearing (which I had not planned to show), but all the changes made strengthened the story and made “X-Infernus” a more satisfying read, if you ask me. Oh, and the ending was originally supposed to take place in Limbo, but after discussions, we all agreed it would be better to move it back to earth for better closure.

Have you been involved at all with deciding what happens to Magik and Pixie after this mini?

Not really. Zeb and I spoke a little about Magik, but he's got really incredible things planned for her, and Pixie's story is one another writer will be handling.

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