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Default Re: Official ALPHA FLIGHT movie/tv show discussion thread

Ooooooookay, here's my shot-from-the-hip cast so far (and again, trying to keep it as Canadian as possible):

BSG's Michael Trucco as fearless leader and founder Jim Hudson/Guardian

Alaina Huffman ("Smallville," "Painkiller Jane," "Stargate Universe") as Heather McNiell/Vindicator

Another BSG alum, Alessandro Juliani as Northstar

With him in mind tho, I can't figure who's right for twin sis Aurora...

Callum Keith Rennie as Walter Langowski

And if they need an actual actor to play Walt's alter ego Sasquatch, they could do worse than the hulking Kevin Durand ("Lost", Wolverine, "Dark Angel," Smokin' Aces)

You know her, you love her, Laura Vandervoort ("Smallville") as Snowbird

The only man alive who can convincingly play a butt-kicking dwarf, Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean, "Scrubs") as Eugene Judd/Puck

The one and only Jay Tavare ("Into the West", Pathfinder) as Michael Twoyoungmen/Shaman

And yet another BSG alum, Nicki Clyne as Marrina

So that's it so far. Any ideas for Aurora? or Kyle?

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