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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread

Oh, I love BTAS, it's absolutely brilliant. Actually, I shouldn't say loved, because it holds up VERY well. I got into Batman through BR and this show, so I have fond memories of tuning into Fox Kids after school for it regularly. I love the tone and the atmosphere, painting everything on black backgrounds and all that, and using Danny Elfman's themes as templates for Shirley Walker (and co.) to jump off and do their own thing - and R.I.P. Miss Walker, a great talent. The casting on the show was perfect too; whenever I read most Batman comics, Kevin Conroy's Batman, Mark Hamill's Joker, Richard Moll's Two-Face, Michael Ansara's Mr. Freeze, Efrem Zimbalist Jr.'s Alfred, Bob Hasting's Gordon, John Glover's Riddler, those are the voices I hear.

Here are my top 10 episodes (from 10 to 1): The Laughing Fish, Almost Got 'Im, Legends of The Dark Knight, Mad as a Hatter, Beware The Gray Ghost, Over the Edge, The Joker's Favor, Two-Face parts 1 & 2, Heart of Ice, and Mad Love

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