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Default Re: Iron Man 2 Score

I definitely hope they get a new composer. I liked the idea behind the IM score and the direction they chose to go, so I hope they don't change the "Iron Man Sound," but I hope they'll hire someone who can add a little more character to the score, because it was, imo, pretty bland. Serviceable, enjoyable, but nothing remotely special. My favorite current composer is James Newton Howard (and was looong before Batman Begins, for the record), but I don't think he'd be a good fit for this. I think the best replacements for this franchise would probably be John Powell or Marco Beltrami. Michael Giacchino could work, too, b/c he seems to have no problem adapting to various styles and thanks to his 5 seasons of work on Alias, he has plenty of experience with the "electronic" sound Djawadi used. I just hope they get someone who won't necessarily change the style, but build upon it and make it, as you guys have said, more memorable.


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