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Default Re: Iron Man 2 Score

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Oh they were ok, don't get me wrong. But they were still forgettable, just like the Spider-Man, X-Men, FF, DD, & Hulk film scores all were. In fact the only other superhero score that I can remember other than the original Supes, Bats, & Incredibles scores is the score for Unbreakable.
Wow, ironically, I don't remember the Incredible score at all.

i think all of the CBM scores are pretty great. The Hulk 03 score isn't memorable but it's great. I love the opening with that horn sounds or Hulk like voice.

The SM films I find memorable. But I bet there could be more scores of it.

Originally Posted by socool View Post
If this was directed at me, I don't come here just to bad mouth the movie, I come here to discuss any new and relevant news. The new and relevant news just so happened to be ****.
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