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Default Re: Rate and Review X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
None of those affect how good of a movie it is. It only affects how pretty it is.

It -did- have a score, just not Williams' score.

It was the movie.

But the point isn't whether I get to review it or not. I'm fine not putting up my review until Thursday night / Friday morning when I come home from the midnight showing. But seeing as how the movie is the same thing as the work print, my opinion won't change much.

That's coming from someone who -liked- the movie.
I'm gonna have to disagree with ya Nelli. You all seem to be sayin the same's the same movie except this this and this. Storytelling in a movie is not just the script and the acting, every area of the movie helps tell the story, from the action sequences, to editing a scene a second shorter, to adding music to present a specific mood. Those are just a couple examples of dozens of things that are different between the leaked print and the finished product. It is a different movie, because even if the script and acting is the same, those other things change how you see the movie. And not having those things influence us in a negative manner. Hopefully you and I will both go and see this movie next week, and get a completely different experience, a more fulfilling experience then just watching a workprint that looked like crap. Yes Rothman lies, decieves, whatever he's gotta do to get money, but it is a different movie. In an action film, cgi, music, and editing are key. And we already know, however small they are, there were edits done. Maybe not whole scenes added, I'm not even suggesting that, but editing is taking what you got and making it flow the best you can. There are crucial things that define an action movie, which wolverine is, that are not in the leaked version. And I believe, expecially sense the reaction has been mostly positive, that this is a completely different experience, if you want it to be, and it's a different movie.

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