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Default Re: Rate and Review X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

Originally Posted by SP1D3RxV3N0M View Post
Would you check the wounds of your loved one after she was dead?
But you'd think with Wolverine's heightened smell he could smell it wasn't her blood. Also after he confronted Creed, did he even return to the body to give her a funeral....

My Review-copied my from site.

When it was first announced that a Wolverine film was in the works, I rolled my eyes and thought, ''Yippee, another film about Wolverine''. It's rather strange for me to not get excited about a superhero film, I mean, I read the comics, I'm a geek. I guess I just grew tired of Wolverine after seeing him headline all of the X-Men films and having all the attention poured on to him. When the trailer hit the web, I was stunned at how good it looked and my interest in the film peaked.

Major concerns came when I found out that my favorite comic book character, Deadpool would be treated with such bastardization. On top of this alerting news, a copy of Wolverine was stolen and put online for the world to see. Mixed reactions started spilling all over the net, but I took what people were saying with a grain of salt as the workprint was unfinished. Things got worse as we found out just a few days ago, that the film would have multiple endings. More bad then good was leaning on this film, but still, I was still kinda excited to see Wolverine as it was kicking off the summer blockbuster season.


Wolverine Origins takes place prior to the X-Men trilogy. It focuses on James Howlett(Hugh Jackman) and his relationship with his brother, Victor Creed(Liev ''Cotton'' Schreiber) through the bond of fighting in many wars, until the relationship ends due to Howlett turning his back on Creed and the Weapon X team, run by William Stryker(Danny Huston) to lead a normal life. Unfortunately for Wolverine, Creed and Stryker won't allow that.

The Good

Wolverine kicked off strong with the opening credits. It was pretty cool seeing Logan and Victor Creed going through many famous wars together. The relationship between these two brothers was very interesting because Wolverine tries to suppress the beast within, while Victor embraces it. Their conflicting ideas of who they are results in many fierce fights between the two. Both actors played well off each other and I found I favored Schreiber's cold hearted take on Sabertooth over Jackman's, Wolverine.

As this is prior to the X-Men films, different actors would be taking over the some roles. Danny Huston took over the part of William Stryker, which was played by Brian Cox in X2. I preferred Cox's take on the Stryker character, but Huston added this creepy politeness to the character which I liked. Tim Pocock took up the mantle of Scott Summers A.K.A Cyclops from James Marsden. Cyclops did more in this film then he did in X-Men 2 & 3, which is always a good thing.

As for other major players from the X-Universe, such as Gambit, they get some decent screen time for a film titled Wolverine. I think most fans will be happy from what they see of Gambit, Blob, Agent Zero etc...

The bad

Man, prepare for a bumpy ride as this film is filled with plot holes that stick out like a swore thumb. The biggest one comes with a reveal at the end that left my head spinning. I just can't get over the stupidity of the reveal followed by the glaring hole in the story.

I hated how Origins ignored certain parts from X-Men 1 & 2 such as the Weapon X experiment. The experiment plays out in a much different way then it did in X2. In X2, Wolverine is seeing running down a tunnel covered in blood screaming. This does not happen in Origins, instead we get a nude Wolverine, running across a field nude and into a barn in a comical scene. We also get no explanation as to why Victor does not recognize his own brother in the first X-Men film. It's things like this that pissed me off. How hard can it be to add elements in from the first two films?

Let's talk action. The action was lackluster followed by iffy wirework and messy CGI. The Victor and Logan fights were decent along with few other scenes, but nothing WOWED me compared to the other X-films. This was mainly due to the lack of berserker Wolverine.

Let's get down to some serious business...Deadpool/Wade Wilson. Ryan Reynolds did a good job for what he was offered, which wasn't much. Wade was hardly featured in the film, which is a big deal, when he is meant to be the final boss. When Wade became Weapon XI, I become a shivering wreck. There was absolutely no build up to Wade becoming Weapon XI, which if it had a good story behind it, then I wouldn't of cared so much about the Deadpool character becoming this monstrosity.

And here comes a mini rant. Remember the multiple endings post I made the other day? Well a scene popped up during the credits and then I left thinking that, that was the secret ending to the film. Turns out that wasn't it. This ''secret'' ending was after the credits, not the one during it. The traditional thing to do, is to have one scene during or after the credits, not both. Thanks Fox, for being morons.


Wolverine Origins is worth throwing your hard earned money down if your a fan of the Wolverine character or the previous X-films, other then that, I'd wait for the DVD release. I really didn't think I would say this, but I prefer X-Men 3: The Last Stand to Wolverine Origins.

Overall-I give X-Men Origins: Wolverine-5/10

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