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Default Re: Rate and Review X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

Just got back from watching this, and I loved it. I pretty much agree with everything Kanon said. That review really hit the nail on the head. But just to give a few more opinions of my own:

The Good
I thought, as everyone seems to have thought, Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson was spot on. As 'Deadpool'? We'll get to that in a minute. But as a wise-cracking, sword swinging, henchman killing badass, he was as awesome as I think we all knew he would be.
Liev Schreiber (man, my spell checker does not like him) was menacing and animalistic and evil in all the right measures. He seemed to be having a lot of fun slicing and dicing his way around, which is how it should have been.
To be honest, I can't think of anyone who didn't pull their weight, performance wise. Everyone did what they had to, brought you into the story a little more, and gave you a nice snapshot of each of their characters, which is doubly impressive considering how little screentime many of them got.
The motorcycle, Wolvie-vs-Agent-Zero fight/chase thing was excellent, all the way from the old folks getting shot to the helicopter blowing up. This was good, exciting stuff, with enough 'ohmygodthatrocked', punch the air moments to whet anyone's appetite.
The opening credits, with Creed and 'Jimmy' going through all the different wars together, was an awesome way to set up the bond between the two brothers. Really got some nice, feral, animal shots of the two of them. It reminded me of the Watchmen opening credits sequence, which can only be a good thing.

The Bad
As Kanon already said, the big two no no's were the plot holes and the CG. Lots of plotholes to pore over and discuss (which, to be honest, I kind of enjoy doing after a film like this, so it isn't all bad hehe), ranging from the niggly and tiny (who came up with Logan?), to the slightly large (animal senses, but nothing about a living body with little or no heartbeat makes him question anything).
Other plot holes, like Creed being completely different to how he was in X1, I'm not going to mention, as it seems very clear to me that Fox aren't going to leave it at one film here, and I assume something will happen to Sabertooth in the next one (or the one after that even), that will logically give him blond hair, black eyes, 2 extra feet in height, massively reduced intellect and a penchant for furs.
The CG, again like Kanon said (why am I even writing this?), was often just a bit 'off'. Nothing major, just a little... not like it should have been. Once or twice is nothing to mention, but it did keep happening, and it bothered me a bit.

Other, more petty and personal gripes I had were:
Gambit's accent, or lack thereof. There was a dialect coach on the film, I checked the credits. Why then, could Taylor Kitsch not drop in a little Louisiana drawl? Why could the screenwriters not pop in a few Gambit-isms? I'd have geeked out majorly for a bit of Cajun, 'ma cherie' charm.
Also, re: Gambit, what was with the 'climbing up a wall with the sticks' power, and the 'floating jumpy jump across the alleyway' power, all for them to desert him when he was sitting on top of the fire escape, waiting for Wolvie to cut the ladder down and smack him up? Just supercharge the entire escape and 'floating jumpy jump across the alleyway' away. Easy.
Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool. Where were you? Well, technically nowhere, as no one was credited as such, but the Weapon XI at the end was clearly meant to be him. I was over the moon when I heard he was going to be in this film, as I thought it would be a logical set-up for the geekgasm that would be Deadpool: The Movie. Keep him as Wade Wilson in this one, I thought, then mess him up at the end, leaving the path clear for his own movie a couple of years down the line. But no. They made him a crazy, uber-hybrid, mouthless monster with arm blades, eye beams and telepathy (cos I thought I heard at one point that Stryker's son's powers were part of the melting pot). Now the monster thing I can go with, cos something major would have to happen to him to change him from Wade Wilson to Deadpool, and being 'created' as such would definitely fir the bill. The mouthless thing, again, I like. I was waiting for a shot of Wolverine slashing him in the face, ripping his mouth open in the process. But alas, it did not happen. What I find a little harder to grasp is the extra powers. If they are planning a Deadpool spin off (and I think they'd be fools not to), how're all those extra powers going to come into play? Also, he now doesn't have a head. Just a thought.
Cyclops' initial, school-wrecking eye blast left smoldering wreckage in its wake. Cyclops' eye beams are pure concussive force, and are in no way heat blasts. Like I say, these are the petty gripes.
Xavier showing up was a 'punch the air' moment for me. I just ignored the odd, vaguely paedophilic connotations of a stranger talking to you in your head and then convincing a group of children to get into his helicopter with blacked out windows, and I just punched the air, cos it was awesome. But why didn't he help in any greater way? He should be fighting the good fight, not being content with saving a few and leaving others to die. Also, why did he not show up before this? He has cerebro, he can pinpoint any mutant on the planet, did he not notice a large colony of mutants on Three Mile Island (where the island was, according to the infallible source that is Wikipedia)? I don't know, that just seemed a little odd to me, having him there just for the sake of a cameo.
Also, speaking of cameos, as much as I enjoyed seeing Emma Frost there, there was no need. There was nothing of the character in there, none of her major power (telepathy) and no Stripper outfit. Pointless. If they needed a girl who was indestructible I'm sure they could have found someone else a little less high profile to muck around with.
I didn't like Cyclops being there. Simple as. No great reason for it, I just didn't like it. Felt gratuitous and again, shoehorned in.

Overall though, I have to say, it was a very enjoyable way to spend 2 hours of my life. Characters were mucked around a little bit, and there were plot holes, but if you can just let it all wash over you and get into it, then you'll come out with a smile on your face. Watching this does give me a huge amount of respect for Bryan Singer though, who produced two top-quality films using the same source materials that two other teams of filmmakers have taken on since, and neither have done it with quite such an aplomb as him. Well done to you, sir. If only he'd stuck around for X3 instead of remaking Superman. Oh well.

Rating: 8/10

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