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Default Re: Rate and Review X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

Originally Posted by Nevaratoiel View Post
You exaggerate... There was more than 1 min Gambit in it. And if you think the movie was bad, well... You must have not seen X3. That was worse.
I originally thought "at least it's better than X3" after watching Origins, but then I went home and watched the other X-Men movies again. All of them, including X3, looked way better in comparison. I always liked 2, and 1 has some decent moments, but I always regarded 3 as inferior. Well, X3 is a much better piece of storytelling even if the story itself is convoluted and inaccurate and I found myself not wanting to put my face in my palm nearly as much. Maybe Ian McKellan is what makes the difference. I'm not sure.

Anyway, I think all the X movies share the same flaw of being made up of some really cool individual scenes (and some terrible ones) that don't come together to make a particularly great movie. They are pretty mediocre all around, except X2 which is a bit above average.

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