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Default Re: Aynone else kinda done with Jackman's Wolverine?

Originally Posted by not_a_victim View Post
While Jackman has done pretty good working wtih the material he was given, I don't think he was entirely right for the role. For most of his existence, Wolverine is supposed to be around 5'3". In the last 10+ years, he isn't generally protrayed as being that short in the comics.
I would, however, have liked to seen a much shorter man be cast as Wolverine. Jackman is listed at 6' 2 1/2". I would have liked to have seen a much shorter man's take on the role.
I don't think his height has anything to do with portraying the character. You can't have everything, Jackman had the voice, the face and the attitude in X1. His height really is a minor issue. It's not like he's 7 feet tall.

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