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Default Re: Aynone else kinda done with Jackman's Wolverine?

Originally Posted by not_a_victim View Post
1. Quit exaggerating and using hyperbole.
-I never said I wanted a midget. I just want someone who could be realistically be called a "runt". An actor around 5'7" could have been used.
2. Quit putting words in my mouth and/or bringing non sequitors into the argument.
-I never mentioned anything about a suit. Stick to the subject at hand.
Additionally, a 6'2 1/2" man with claws is way less ridiculous looking than a shorter man with claws.
I said Jackman did a good job with what he was given, but an essential, essential character element, his height, is missing with Jackman in the role. Jackman did alright, but I'n not one of you rabid fanboys that fawn over him in the role. It could have been done better, in my opinion.
Let's take it the opposite way...
Let's say for the last 30 years, Wolverine has been portrayed as 6'4". Then, a guy the size of Tom Cruise, at 5'7", is cast in the role. People would have hit the roof with their arguments against the casting.
LOLOLOL....a midget...with claws...LOLOLOL...Hugh Jackman did a good job of Wolverine,I even watched X-Men 2 when I got home in blu-ray...but good points you bring up...but heck if we are brining up Tom Cruise's height,might as well throw in Prince (example) as someone with the right height for someone not even 5'7''.....

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