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Default Re: Aynone else kinda done with Jackman's Wolverine?

Originally Posted by katie_girl09 View Post
Okay, seriously. This is ridiculous. What's wrong with Hugh Jackman? Yes, physically speaking, he might be too tall and too good-looking to be Wolverine. But he's still a VERY good Wolverine. As for his "being too soft" (I really disagree), that's a problem with the writers, not Jackman. Replacing him won't fix that.
That's what I said. I said that Jackman did a good job with what he was given.
to answer your question of "What is wrong with Hugh Jackman", I will answer it yet again with this: If the character of Wolverine had been protrayed for the last 30 years as being 6'4" tall, and let's say someone of Tom Cruise's size and weight (and Cruise is pretty good at getting into great shape for a movie) were selected to play the character, people would go off.
One of the defining elements of Wolverine's character is his height.

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