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Default Re: Aynone else kinda done with Jackman's Wolverine?

This is how i see it if Jackman had portrayed Wolverine really like an animal like he was in the beginning of x men 1.Had the movie been really gritty and dark in tone i would of loved it and really would of rebooted the franchise to another level.Instead he was too nice x men 3 levels of nice and the movie was just too pretty and neat weapon x was not colorful and pretty.

Don't get me wrong i think the movie was still decent but Wolverine should not have been an action movie period it should have been much more.

Also guys i always wonder what Zach Snyder's Wolverine would of been like because Fox and Jackman offered Snyder the Job to direct it before Gavin hood. Zach wanted it rated R and they said no but it would of been interesting to see what he would do.Also we would not of got watchmen so i am grateful but intrigued what he would done at the same time.

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