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Default Re: Aynone else kinda done with Jackman's Wolverine?

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
This is how i see it if Jackman had portrayed Wolverine really like an animal like he was in the beginning of x men 1.Had the movie been really gritty and dark in tone i would of loved it and really would of rebooted the franchise to another level.Instead he was too nice x men 3 levels of nice and the movie was just too pretty and neat weapon x was not colorful and pretty.

Don't get me wrong i think the movie was still decent but Wolverine should not have been an action movie period it should have been much more.

Also guys i always wonder what Zach Snyder's Wolverine would of been like because Fox and Jackman offered Snyder the Job to direct it before Gavin hood. Zach wanted it rated R and they said no butit would of been interesting to see what he would do.Also we would not of got watchmen so i am grateful but intrigued what he would done at the same time.
Right on.
Was there even any blood in the movie? I can't really remember seeing any.
I figured the adamantium bonding process should have been just plain bloody. Imagine how much more suspenseful it would have been if as soon as those needle/drill things went into his body, he would have stated bleeding profusely. The tank gets so much blood in the water that it becomes opaque. The flatline heart monitor and the opaque blood filled tank, and Wolverine only popping up after Stryker gives the execution order. I mean, how much suspense were they going to build with that scene? We know he survives in one way or another, as this is a prequel to the other movies.

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