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Default Re: Aynone else kinda done with Jackman's Wolverine?

Originally Posted by not_a_victim View Post
Show me the quote where I said that the actor needed to be ugly. You mentioned if first, and then I quoted you.
The only thing I said was that he didn't have the right face. His face is too thin and his nose too pointy to wear those mutton chops he wears. The more I think about, as a matter of fact, the more I think that Jackman was competely wrong for the role. He did alright with what he was given, and the most comic-accurate of all the movies was his first 20 minutes of X1, but as Jackman assumed more and more control of the movies and his character, he got softer and softer, which means he didn't understand the character, and what the fans of the comics like about the character. So yeah, he was and is wrong for the role, but he did ok with what he had.
You are determined to pick a fight, aren't you? Okay.
Once again, I never said that you said he was too good-looking. I just said that this is one of the common complaints that people have for his not looking like Wolverine.
And your argument for Hugh Jackman not being right for the role is the fault of the writers. This can be fixed. Getting rid of Hugh Jackman will not fix this. And saying that he cannot wear mutton chops? That's just nitpicking, no offense.

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