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Default Re: Aynone else kinda done with Jackman's Wolverine?

Originally Posted by katie_girl09 View Post
Are you even reading my posts? I never said that you said that. For the millionth time.
You know what? This is so silly. And your line saying that Hugh is all that is wrong with Wolverine's betrays you as one of those fanboys who seem to feel that Wolverine is for them and no one else. If you can't see past your rather small gripes with the character to see that Hugh Jackman is actually a pretty decent Wolverine, then I see no point in continuing this.
Ok. I win.
However, my "small gripes" to you are major concerns to me. Jackman is simply creating his version of Wolverine, not the Wolverine that was Marvel's most popular character for decades before Jackman got his hands on it. Wolverine was popular for a reason, and Jackman aint it.

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