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A small section of John Ottman's X2 score has always struck me as being perfect for Thor. Cast your minds back to the music that bridges the scenes of Nightcrawler's White House attack to Wolverine searching the frozen wastes of Alkali lake.

Sadly, the only example of it I could find on Youtube cuts it out right in the middle of it (!) but it's enough to give a person the idea (having said that, if anyone can point me to a better example - just let me know)

2 mins 16 seconds in:-

I guess I'd rather they went with a deep male voice as opposed to the usual female warble that we're normally subjected to i.e, Gladiator, Troy etc - it seem to fit the 'butchness' of Thor more and, I admit, I'm biased - I happen to think those kinda scores have gotten a bit tired.

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