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Default Re: Generation X Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
The vampire plot happened right before Revolution. I think that was somewhere around issue 60ish.
Actually no, that one had to do with M. The Synch deal was when Emplate had turned him into one of his vampire minions, which was around issue 15-16.

This is still my favorate X-Title (though New X-Men is close, I like student books). I thought Synch and Chamber were phenominal and loved every issue from 1 to somewhere around issue 25. After that it dropped a little and the M-Plate stuff killed it. I ended up getting behind and pretty much dropped it for a good long time after that. I got caught up again right before Revolution and realized there wasn't much I missed save a few issues. It was actually pretty good around issue 50. I specifically liked the one with Maggot, the X-Man crossover, etc. Then Revolution actually made it better for me, though I was very angry at Synch's death. Then it just kinda ended.

The last issue was very touching, as it's the first series I ever started and ended. I was excited to see Emma and Chamber going to the X-Men but then Morrison and Casey completely ignored or altered the series ending and had Chamber running off to Europe or somewhere and Emma ignoring the fact that Xavier sent a helecopter to take her and she went off to Genosha instead before joining the team. And that pretty much set the stage for Generation X's future.

Though Jubilee is now depowered I have to say that New Warriors did wonders for her character. I like her better now than I ever did in Generation X or X-Men. I miss Chamber's classic look and powers but I'm curious if anything will ever come of this whole Apocalypse thing. I hope if they do lead into a big Apocalypse story as a result of Messiah War he'll be pulled in somehow.


If Chamber were on that list then that'd be all 4 of my favorate characters from the Gen X days. Sad.

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