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Default Re: Generation X Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by OutcryX View Post
Hama gave us gaia though...i think.. i liked her..for all what, 3 or 4 issues she appeared? she joined but when he did she..that rat was stupid. and im sorry but Larry Hama+Terry Dobson on art= FAIL
There wasnt anything special about Gaia. She was as generic as they come, all the way down to her powers. She was around for more than 3 issues. She left shortly after Gen X 50, so she lasted over a year. Thing is she didnt do anything the entire time she was with the team which made her stint very unimpressive and forgettable. She was kind of like Mondo in that sense

Dirtnap and Chimera were characters that Hama used when he wrote Wolverine. Why he thought they would fit in here is beyond me.

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