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Default Re: Best one vs one fight in the X-Franchise?

Wolverine vs. Deathstrike is easily the best fight scene in the series. And I mean EASILY!

Even the set up is amazing. "I used to think you were one of a kind...I was wrong." Brian Cox just owns the entire movie.

And then the battle ensues. Brutal, fast, amazingly edited...Wolvie and Yuriko just trash the place in pieces. I love the choreography and I love the acting by Jackman and the oh-so-hot Kelly Hu. There's nothing like a beautiful woman who's able to make a big guy suffer.

I also have a soft spot for the very first confrontation between Jackman and Mane. I'm from Finland so I grew up knee-deep in snow. Snowy landscapes in movies always win me over. Even though the fight is very brief, I think it's nicely executed. Sabretooth takes a FRIGGIN TREE and knocks Logan out of the ball park. Now that's a supervillain punch right there! That scene was the first time I really felt that the X-men comics were brought to life on screen. I was immediately sucked in. I was like humming the 90's cartoon theme song in my head.

Green Lantern 7/10 Thor 8/10 XMFC 9/10 Captain America 9/10 It was a great summer!
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