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Default Re: Best one vs one fight in the X-Franchise?

Originally Posted by Balthus Dire View Post
This poll speaks volumes for those who say Singer can't direct action. Pfft!
I have always thought that was ******** to be honest, even the action in X1 isnt bad, but in X2 and SR he just knocks it out of the park. Those both contain some of the best CB action sequences out there.

Originally Posted by JP View Post
The action in Superman Returns and X2 is fantastic. The action in X1 is eye raping.
Agree with the bolded, but I even like the action in X1, its not as good as the other 2, but its no were near as bad as you and some others make out.

Originally Posted by venom892 View Post
The action in X2 was awesome.Nightcrawler in the White House,Wolvie in the Mansion and Wolverine vs. Deathstrike.After that who would say Singer doesn't know how to direct action?
People who have short memories or dont know better.

I have to say though, I thought a few other sequences would have more votes than they have gotten.

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