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Default Re: Best one vs one fight in the X-Franchise?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
(And I didn't even mind Wolvie hacking the fire escape, it was a bit 'cartoonish' but then again...this is a cartoon/comicbook character and it was the obvious way to bring Gambit down!)
My dad found that part incredibly cool. He'd never heard of Gambit, but this movie turned him into a total Gambit fanboy after those scenes.

I can't really pick my favorite fight scene, I have a few favorites: the Statue of Liberty fight, the Deathstrike fight, I loved the Logan/Creed fights in Wolverine (I wish there'd been more!).

I loved the deleted scene from X3 where Storm blasted the lightning through Wolvie's adamantium to knock out Juggernaut - I have no idea why they cut that from the final version.

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