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Default Re: Generation X Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Manic View Post
I always get a little miffed whenever comic writers force a relationship down readers' throats because both characters happen to be of the same race or color. Storm was in the middle of dating Wolverine when she suddenly remembered that she fell in love with T'Challa back when she was 12, and decided that was a good foundation to build a sudden and unexpected marriage from. And wasn't Synch dating Jubilee when he suddenly started looking at Monet? Hellion was dating Wind Dancer when she suddenly left the school off-panel, and X-23 went all "River Deep Mountain High" and became his puppy.

I pray that no future writer ever decides that Luke Cage & Iron Fist should do a wife swap.
I never get this. So should black people NOT hook up in the Marvel universe without being considered forced because of skin color? Synch and M actually felt pretty natural to me, and no, he and Jubilee wasn't dating. She liked him but he never really showed any interest I don't think besides just the basic friendliness. He showed mild interest in Monet from the early days of Gen X.

Storm and Black Panther was a little forced, though she wasn't dating Wolverine. Wolverine and Nightcrawler both liked her and she ended up chosing Black Panther over both of them. But yeah, it did feel a little forced.

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