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Default Re: Best one vs one fight in the X-Franchise?

So I guess we can all agree that there's been some great fight scenes in these movies.

But do guys think that in general all these four movies have been lacking in the fight scene department?

I know I was disappointed with the fight scenes in X3. I also think that the fights between Jackman and Schreiber weren't as epic as they should've been.

Although now that I think of it...even though there's been some amazing superhero movies lately, there hasn't been that many memorable fight scenes IMO.

All the Spidey vs Doc Ock fights were great in SM2. Iron Man vs. Iron Monger was pretty good. Batman vs. Ducard was tough as nails. Hmm...what else? Well of course there's been great action scenes like for example Hellboy vs. The Golden Army.

So I guess the fight scenes in the X-men movies are fairing quite nicely when you put them in comparison.

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