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Default Re: Best one vs one fight in the X-Franchise?

Originally Posted by Legion View Post
What about Cyclops vs Deathstrike?
It was such a shame that it didn't last! You see him sharing a few punches and then Deathstrike took him out so easily! That was pathethic. He deserved a longer fight and he shouldn't have been taken out, just like that.
Singer gaved Cyclops short screentime in X2 in my oppinion and Ratner completely screwed him in X3.

Originally Posted by katie_girl09 View Post
...I for one can't understand how you would vote for the (in my eyes) cheese-fest that was Phoenix vs. Xavier.
Haha, I can't even understand why adding that to the Poll? It wasn't a fight, it was more like an argue they had and which ended up with Jean having him splattered all over the place!


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