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Default Re: Generation X Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by ChaoticPsylocke View Post
i just posted this in the XFACTOR thread, but this is probably a better place for it.
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so i read up on Monet, and i have a question.

the Monet we have now was what was once Penance.....

and the St Croix twins that posed as Monet, are now back to who they are/should be. but where are they? are the st croix twins still off at college or what?

and also wikipedia didnt specify what their powers were. when they posed as Monet, did they actually have all of her powers too? if so, can they replicate everyone's powers?
I dont think it was mentioned what happened with the M twins after Gen X. They are presumably away in Africa with their father

They perfectly replicated M, down to her personality and powers. When the real M emerged, there was no difference in the way she was written and it was a way to fix the mess that was created with her character. I dont beleive they can replicate any power. It was just specific to M, presumably bc of the DNA connection they share

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