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Originally Posted by lowly marvelite View Post
Yep...another inexplicable loss for the God of Thunder. Heck, Wolverine who has no superhuman strength fared better than Thor did...when is Marvel gonna give Thor any respect?
It's kind of a Batman/Superman situation, isn't it? The considerably less powerful but more popular "bad ass loner" gets to hold his own better than the more powerful but less popular hero. It's similar to watching Superman get pummeled by a D-list character.

And it was ridiculous how those fights were handled. Sure, Thor took initiative in the 2nd fight, but the tide still turned against him too easily. Thor's supposed to be one of the few heroes who can really go toe-to-toe with the Hulk & not get completely bulldozered right off the bat. Hell, even his girlfriend Sif handled herself better right before Hulk body slammed her. I think Asgard as a whole should have put up a better fight. Sure Hulk is Hulk, but Asgard is loaded with immortal warriors who were fighting inhuman monsters long before Hulk's alter ego Bruce Banner was even born.

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