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Default Re: An idea of what next Superman film needs

I agree with all your statements Peyton Westlake. First I would recommend they go the Nolan route. No, not go darker. But instead seek out good source material. There's evidence of Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, The Long Halloween and even the a new Morrison take on the Joker in the 2 Nolan films. Comics must have been doing something to right to keep these characters in the media for so long. Unfortunately, I don't know if there are enough classic Superman stories (other then Whatever happened to the Man of tomorrow) for a director to draw upon. If there, hopefully someone will be as so kind to point them out to me.
My personal favourite Supes story is Superman for all Seasons and would suggest that a director makes a film that encompasses both the Smallville and Metropolis worlds, which can be seen as metaphors for the Clark and Superman identities. Meek and mild vs the big and mighty. I'd also return Luthor to some stature and restore him to a Donald Trump type mogul over the swindling weasel verison that has been seen on screen.
Lastly, and I"ve really been wondering about this and would love to hear others thoughts concerns the timeline. I'm really wondering if the Superman stories would be better off told from a 1950's point of view. I just get this feeling that setting the story in recent times, that Superman just doesn't seem so Super anymore. Would taking the story back in time to a simpler era, and making him stand out to the citizens of Metropolis and Smallville restore some of the luster he's been sorely lacking.

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